A Q&A series

… so when I’m out I get lots and lots of questions!

And that is a good thing, since it shows that people are interested in what I try to do.

People who know me will testify that I was never one to carefully prepare my answers beforehand (the better the questions, the lower the chance for me guessing them ahead of time). As a result I end up improvising answers on the spot based on what I know at that point in time. That works well enough, mostly because I’ve had plenty of opportunity (and indeed plenty of need) to sharpen this skill during my post-graduate studies.

I don’t really know why, but I have the strong feeling that questions are more likely to lead to interesting discussions when a bit of improvisation is in play.

So seeing that there are plenty of interesting questions for me out there, I decided to start recording them and the discussions revolving around them. Thus I hereby start a Q&A series on my blog where I aim to reproduce the key takeaways of things that happen to me “in the field”.

First and foremost, me jotting things down makes sure that I don’t forget them for now. It’ll hopefully help me to stay consistent. But, if others find one or two interesting thoughts to take away amongst my ramblings, I will pronounce that a success.

I am not gonna lie, however, I don’t know how frequent these posts will be for it takes time to produce a thought of quality and put it in semi-proper writing. I guess the future will tell.

If there’s a topic you, brave reader who made it all the way to the end, want me to cover, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will see what I can do. But please, no crazy requests, only if you must!